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I love all the seasons, but Autumn most. No other can teach me so much about grace, About how to throw off color and light and calm in the face of all you are fading back to the nothing you came from. Autumn is the death rattle, it starts swift and explodes before you until falling silent again, haunting you through Winter with its song.


The rain will come to wash it all away. Rinse clean the sediment of all you have endured, layered atop you like armor of experience. The storm is brewing now that will give birth to the water that will bathe you anew. Put down your umbrellas and dance.

I love the last line of the text:  “Put down your umbrellas and dance.”



Researchers… we know y’all love your morning/afternoon/evening cup(s) of joe and WSWCgradschool loves you so we want to thank you guys for your support and enthusiasm! Therefore… we are doing a GIVEAWAY for this WSWCgradschool mug!

There are two ways to enter. 1) REBLOG this post 2) LIKE this post on our facebook page for ANOTHER entry in the raffle. At noon (EST) on Saturday, I will use a random number generator to select the winner(s).

Here is a sneak peak of the goodness:


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